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is the highest mountain in the area of Sub-Adriatic Dinarides (1894m/6225ft). There are various vegetation types,from macchia to the swats of Bosnian pine, which reach the highest peaks of the mountain. From a scientific aspect, Orjen is a referent point for researching flora and vegetation of Dalmatia and  Dinarides in general. This mountain range is one of the most interesting mountains of the south Dinarides. Orjen had been attractive for  the researchers in the 19th and 20th century, and still is. We can mention the names of some foreign botanist that had been working here: Tommasini, Vandas, Maly, Weiss, Studniczka, Ascherson, Huter etc. , and some of domestic researchers are: Pancic, Adamovic, Horvat, Fukarek, Jankovic, Abadzic, Silic and other. Not only a remarkable phitogeographical significance, but  numerous endemics and several species that have survived from before the last Ice Age are witnesses of a unique flora and vegetation on Orjen. We must mention an endemic, protected species: Pinus heldreichii, growing at 1500-2500m(4900-8200ft) altitude.