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geological characteristic of Orjen is its extinctively karst type relief. Surrounding ridges are relatively tamed, with an obvious antropogenic impact. It’s cenral part is heavily rocky and made of limestone. You surely won’t come across a river, not even a little brook. Crevices greedily absorb every drop of water, taking it under ground.

Instead of usual alpine scenery, Orjen is offering a relief full of surprises, unique forms, and hidden secrets. Central peak of Orjen is full of extraordinary shaped rocks, due to dissolution of limestone. You can find runnels, karrens, sinkholes…

Subra (1689m) a dome-shaped peak, is a representative of harsh karst relief, with its typical karst layers, vivid vertical shafts and vast plateaus, is a unique,vividbut harsh microrelief. Compressional forces uplifted Orjen from the sea level. Numerous sea fossils and sea shells are found on its slopes.Due to this geological action, Veliki kabao is the highest peak of Orjen (1894m/6214ft), as well the highest peak in the Sub –Adriatic Dinarides.

The action of quaternary glaciation is evident in this region,thus not only karst landscape but some more tamed landscapas are also present here.

During the Ace age, there was intensive gathering of vast ice sheets, which reached 150square km, and thickness up to 350m. Glaciers crept down from the central part of the mountain, carrying and grinding vast rocky material. Traces of glaciers are still visible in the satellite images as well as on the land. Fluvio-glacial material reached  far more regions than just Orjen, all to the ridges of Mediterranean. Kamensko polje, situated in the hinterlands of Herceg Novi, is a result of this process.