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Trail running,and sky running are disciplines of mountain running, a sport with the biggest development trend in the world. It is a sports discipline,running in mountainous terrainand nature in general. It is possible to organize tourist visits in a form of camps and organized running races. Some of the mountain and hiking tracks are also adequate for mountain running,depending on the skills of the runner. It should be noticed that the inner sections of the mountain are rocky,slopy and waterless,and thus safety measures, like in mountaineering, should be taken. Under these conditions mountain running on Orjen can be a unique and unforgettable experience.


Less demanding paths are:

  • Vrbanj – Tresnja – Rujista – Vucji do – Poljice
  • Lazarevici – Sitnica (makadamski put)
  • Vratlo – Grab
  • Vratlo – Zitni do – Ledena jama – Grotljavica – Vratlo
  • Borici – Vratlo – Malo vratlo – Borici